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What would you be doing?

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:) Would the Mini/Ranch 14 be a boring rifle if it was a sub 1"MOA rifle right out of the box,never been known to jam,could use any magazine with no problem's and had a heavier barrel with flash hider/muzzle brake (with no increase in weight).What would there be to do???????????????????????
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I coud jes shoot de tails offn anitang widt fur own it, sos id not has to skin it, but den id coudn't et it neider. It wood jes be fur fun, not fillen! wass shooten at de gater odder day, hees jus laghed at me, sos I dun got po'ed n thru mi mini at hem. Now my mini is down et de bottom of swamp. Now my mini is a sub mini!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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