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What to look for in purchasing an M1 Garand

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Some friends of mine found a new shop around here that we weren't aware of. Apparently they have an M1 Garand. I'm going to look at it tomorrow afternoon and possibly purchase it. I believe he's asking $670. In that price range what should i be looking for? What kind identifiers, serial number range, etc. Just trying to get pointed in the right direction. Also he has a Colt 1911 stainless which is used and he's asking $670 for it also, what would you go with (no bias here right :) thanks.

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Originally posted by steve45
I would reccomend buying one from cmp. If you have a CMP affilated club near you the shooting is fun and the price for an M-1 is much lower than what you are looking at.
If not , Garand Collectors Associan qualifies . If you are a vetran or over 60 or 65 , you do not have to shoot the 50 round match .

God bless
Originally posted by Swede
Look at the area behind the rear sight. Usually it is marked Wincherster or Springfield whoever built the rifle, along with the S/N etc. If this area is blank just put the rifle down and walk away.
International Harvester & Harrington & Richardson , Beretta & ananother Italian company ( Benda ? ) also made mil-spec rifles . The first two USGI , latter two 1950's or 1960's NATO Italian .

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