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What to look for in purchasing an M1 Garand

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Some friends of mine found a new shop around here that we weren't aware of. Apparently they have an M1 Garand. I'm going to look at it tomorrow afternoon and possibly purchase it. I believe he's asking $670. In that price range what should i be looking for? What kind identifiers, serial number range, etc. Just trying to get pointed in the right direction. Also he has a Colt 1911 stainless which is used and he's asking $670 for it also, what would you go with (no bias here right :) thanks.

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Yeah CIA sucks. Pull back handle see if there are any import marks on the barrel. Look at the muzzle. Look at the crown. If you can see the sharp edges of where the crown meets the bore and where it touches the end of ther barrel. Then it has not been worn out. If it is rounded like from the bore to the barrel then it has seen a lot of rounds or very pore clean method and alot of it. The bullet drop in the muzzle is not a accurate test. Because it will still touch on the lands and give you the false reading. It only works on severly wornout barrels when the bullet will drop in the muzzle. Also overall condition. Yeah they are tough rifles but one that hasn't been taken care of or seen alot of uses will show it and won't always work too well. They are alot more junk m1's out there more than the good one like those comming out of the cmp. More than like it will be a Sprinfield since so many of the are out there. If the number is under 6,000,000 then it should be made around 1945 or older if memory serves me right.
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