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what kind of rear site should I get for my ranch model

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the rear peep sight seems flimsy to me and is loose side to side I have a hard time getting on target with it quickly at close ranges and also have a hard time hitting targets with it.

It could be because of my shooting ability but with my 10/22 I can just nail the targets all day long but it is more difficult with the mini.

any reccomendations on rear sight how about a V notch one like whats on my 10/22?
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Greg you can do a search enter key words Ranch Sights, this is a thread that comes up.
Or you could scope your ranch?
My understanding is the ranch was to be used primarily with a scope. With the peep sight as a back up as a secondary. The fold down sight allows a lower scope ring for better cheek spot weld thus faster target aquazition, and better accuracy. The reason I can shoot better with my 10/22 sights than my mini's sight is the 10/22 is mounted further fwd. I am near sighted so the mini being that close is a BIG blur to these old eyes. If it were me, and I didn't want to use a scope, I would try drilling the current peep out to the next drill size. Its easy to do and cheep. If that didn't work I would try the Williams as several have done this, and it seems to work.

Just a couple of thoughts: if you haven't tuned your mini the 10/22 maybe just more accurate. The wings influence me as to where the center of the peep is as it dosen't move with the sight on adj. If you want fast target acquazition, you might consider a Red Dot Sight? They work well for close to medium ranges.
The only down side my muzzle brake has is it makes it sound louder, the up side is it reduced muzzle flip, and cut my avg. 100 yd 5 shot groups in half. Ill accept the down side to cut my groups in half. :D
voruzon, if you have that many down sides to your muzzle brake, you can take it off. None of your down sides applies to me, as Im not in the Marine corp any more, and not in combat.

When I take my mini hunting, or any other centifire rifle I use the earplugs with the sonic valves (normal hearing except when shooting). At the range we use Mickey mouse's. I prefer Peltor, good for jet engines, and at the range.
The sound from a center fire cartridge kills hearing cells period. Muzzle brake or no. You should always wear hearing protection when shooting.

As far as shooting at night, I use a spot light, You can see the eyes. In the Corps I prefered Interlocking, grazing fire. Nothing can get thru alive.

If you do not like muzzle brakes, then don't install one. The Up sides still outweighs the down side. Just my 2 cents:D
PSG1 I am almost sold on getting a williams sight myself, I would use the scope as a primary sight, but like the idea, of a backup sight. I have one question, is the sight metal or plastic, or both?

voruzon, I didn't take your post personally at all, and I'm sorry if It seemed that way. Its sometimes easy to misinturpet just by reading someones words. I enjoy this job, and you guys make it easy. I enjoy different points of view, and like you said we each have a different purpose. After all what kind of world would we have if every one thought like me? I chose the mini not just for hunting, as a bolt action is more accurate, I also chose it, because I could use it as a defensive weapon. Very reliable, abundent ammo, but as we know on the negative side was its accuracy. So adding the brake was the first thing I did to improve the accuracy by 50%. Between me and you, If I were in combat with my mini, my choice would be to leave it on. If I went back to shooting 5" groups, at 100 yds; then at 300 yds I'd be shooting 15" etc.

I have sensitive ears, because I have always tried to protect them. I wear ear plugs all the time at work(except when I eat, I don't like to hear all that crunching), with rivet guns, hammering, some really loud people hollering all the time some times I put on my Peltors. When I hunt I use plugs similar to these. When I shoot my ears do not ring, but I can still hear small sounds. The ringing is indictactive of cell damage. When plinking or at the range I wear my Peltors. Check out:
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I'm sold, I'll order one next week!
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