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what kind of rear site should I get for my ranch model

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the rear peep sight seems flimsy to me and is loose side to side I have a hard time getting on target with it quickly at close ranges and also have a hard time hitting targets with it.

It could be because of my shooting ability but with my 10/22 I can just nail the targets all day long but it is more difficult with the mini.

any reccomendations on rear sight how about a V notch one like whats on my 10/22?
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The flimsy part I don't know about. How about using some Locktite on threads, etc. Most who complain about the Mini 14 rear site are actually complaining about the inability to see through the small peephole. Remove the sight plate (2 small screws, anchor it in a vise, and drill out the peep to double or tripple its factory size. Use the large peep on an AR 15 for a good guide to useable hole size.
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