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what kind of rear site should I get for my ranch model

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the rear peep sight seems flimsy to me and is loose side to side I have a hard time getting on target with it quickly at close ranges and also have a hard time hitting targets with it.

It could be because of my shooting ability but with my 10/22 I can just nail the targets all day long but it is more difficult with the mini.

any reccomendations on rear sight how about a V notch one like whats on my 10/22?
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Originally posted by voruzon
That is only if you really want a muzzle-brake. Recoil is supposedly not a big issue with Mini-14, especially since you are not going to shoot full-auto.

There are plenty of negative effects from muzzle brake and/or flash-hider comfort-wise and more importantly, combat-wise.

AR's IMO recoil less than the mini-or it may just be me and my own experience (Bushy DCM)......out of curiosity, what are all of the negative effects a muzzlebrake has on the mini?

962-100-143 WGRS-Mini 14/30 Fits Mini-14 Ranch Rifle & Mini-30 $32.80

Is this the one??
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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