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what is the torque rateing on the gas block screws(s.s.)?

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what is the torque?
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Mike of oregon recomends 2 to 3 ft-lbs which = 24-36 in-lbs. I used to torque mine to 17 - 24 in-lbs, but it caused the gass block to slip, and gauled my gas port bushing. Makes it hard to remove, and swap out. If you don't have a torque wrench, gap gasblock halves evenly all the way around, and the same feel tight, but not real tight on all 4 screws.
Edin, thats a good point. I always use loctite blue so they won't work loose.

More often than striped threads is a stripped head. The allen wrenchs do not last long. The edges of the hex become worn, and will slip, and strip the head. It aircraft, I have worn out as many as 6 new allen wrenches in 1 day. In the allen wrench edges become worn looking, do not use it. You can grind them down past the worn area, debur the bottom sharp edge, and reuse them.
Thanks for the tip oughtsix. ;)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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