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Its nice nowdays when you want to preview a gun or scope or red dot sight or whatever attachment your looking for and you can go over to youtube and pretty much find a video on the item you are interested in.
With that said I have a few tips on how to make a proper video.

I'm definately not an expert and I'm glad when someone is having fun but
come on, think about what your trying to say.

First off if your going to show a video on how accurate your gun is give the range, at least say in the video, I'm just plinking targets at 40 yds, or I'm
sighting in at 200 yds. etc.

I saw one video where the guys going to shoot his AR, the camera is on him as he takes aim........20 seconds go by........he tilts his rifle......takes off the safety...........about 20 seconds more.............stops, looks down, reaches for the charging handle, charges gun.............20 seconds...........BOOM.....
Camera goes back and you see the target is at 25 yds.
I thought with all the time he was shooting at least 500 meters.

And if you want to make a comparison video, like my AR vs. my Mini.
Here's a few tips. 1) don't use 2 different shooters...2 shooters don't shoot
the same just as you wouldn't load competition grade ammo. in one rifle
and some Republic of Krigikistan "fire sale" ammo in the other gun.
2) Use 2 "out of the box" guns with no frills. You cant shoot your Mini with
open sights and have a 30 power zeiss scope on your AR.
Or shoot your AR in a standing position and shoot your Mini from a prone
sand bag position.

3) Think about what your conveying. If your shooting both guns from sand bags at 100 yds. your showing MOA accuracy. If you want to show how they both handle, a trained rifleman is supposed to be able to start from behind a barricade, get on target and fire in 2 seconds at a man sized target at 100 meters. They are 2 different tests.

And , please, no more videos where you get your 90 lb. girlfriend to fire your
500 magnum. Getting someone scared or hurt when shooting isn't funny.
And you've just shown her how to use that weapon so when you rough her
up during your next binge drinking episode you may get a night time surprise.
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