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be part of the barrel's locking up. It locks up by the fit of the lower lugs on the slidestop. The link is strictly for UNlocking the gun. Links wear quickly if they are the source of lockup. Too long a link like that, typically causes feeding problems. Too long a link contributes to the slide's "dragging" the barrel forward during the forward stroke of the slide. That barrel should STAY back against the feed ramp, until the breechface contacts the barrel hood. If it doesn't , either your link is too long, or the bushing-barrel contact is too "heavy", back on the part of the barrel that has no bushing contact when the slide is fully-forward.

Take a look in the bore. It might be badly fouled. Personally,I'd suspect that I was flinching. A bad trigger pull, numerous things can make you flinch worse with one gun than with a similar one. Get another good shooter, try firing with both wrists between knees, back against a tree, with match ammo, better ear and eye protection. Me, I just clamp it into my Lee Machine Rest, and then I know what' s what.
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