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Wet summer!!!

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How's the weather in your guys area, we are having a wet summer with mild temps in the mid 80s and low 90s here in NW Arkansas. How about the rest?
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here in northern ny its been bout 80 down to 60 sum days and lots of rain youd think falls already on its way
You can set your watch by rain right now. 4-5 pm'ish it seems to want to start, so its pretty humid here in MS. You can watch metal rust LOL....left my mini in my jeep for a few days last week and had to clean the newly forming brown spots off it. That thing soak up moisture like crazy.

Im ready for winter and I hope its a cold one.
mostly normal summer here in WNC, we had a dry,hot spell in late June-early July after a cooler than usual spring.
It was a mild 107 in Las Vegas today, its 100 right now at 2052 hrs. Tomorrow is supposed to be 105.
Here in East Texas it rains most weeks. Tomorrow 80%, Sat 60%, Sun 50%. August is predicted to be a record wet for that month too.
Dry as a desert here in Maryland. WE NEED RAIN!

Here in Louisiana A very wet 2007 , this june it rained every single day, and allmost every day for july, I hope it stops before we get deep in to Hurricane season, or there be trees down all over.
Here in east Texas it rained 6" last week, and at least 4" this week. The dozer knocked about 20 trees down just before the rains. Have been wading around the water and mud in rubber boots trying to get them cut to length to take to the saw mill. Finally got done today but cant get the equipment in to take them out. Real-feel temp today 101 F.
Cajungeo , It finally stop raining for how long don't know, hope it dry up , we have lots of hay to cut in september, that John deere an New holland round bailer is Heavy.
Its not raining so much any more, now its the dog days of summer, 90+, this weekend maybe 100!
We should be on A down hill roll towards fall after this month.
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