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It has an ATI strikeforce stock which is very tight to the gun. The Ruger polymer stock was so loose the gun would just fall out. A regular buffer tech recoil buffer won't fit in there. I haven't tried grinding mine down yet or getting a 1911 buffer.

I got 2 nickel plated 10 round mags and a buddy gave me a 30 round mag, Blackhawk sling, re-torqued the gas block, Weigland scope rail with the front bevel cut to clear the stock. The Ruger scope rings would not stay tight no matter what I did. Truglo 3 x 9 BDC(red or green) reticle scope. I can't see 30 yards without optics. Stainless Accu-strut rod.

I shot it some before I made any changes and I noticed that the barrel got really hot. The ATI stock venting system must be improved because even without the accu-strut the barrel did not get as hot as it did before. The ATI forestock does not have that metal shield like the Ruger stock had. It is held in place by 3 screws that attach it to the bottom part of the stock which has metal inserts to capture the screws. I don't need or care for the fold up but it was there. I like my trigger pull ok right now so I don't plan to have that done for a while.

I still need to get a muzzle brake but who makes a no sight pin on muzzle brake for the .62x barrel mini 30?

As for hunting bambi, I prefer ballistic tip ammo to the soft points. Hornady appears to make a pretty decent deer load for the northeast Texas woods. I wouldn't try and take one beyond perhaps 200 yards but there's no place I hunt except maybe a high line clear cut that I could see more than a couple hundred yards.

Mo-Reaper will fit I think. I believe the only one they don't make is a 30 Tactical version. Too bad too, I'd buy one for mine.

Mo-Reaper Muzzle Break
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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