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Worked on my Mini this weekend.

1. I installed the integral scope mount in place of the mag latch cover. It took quite a few hours of hammering, filing and fitting. Basically, the mount is a little bit larger that the opening - apparently because Mini is not made to high tolerances and it's always easier to remove metal than to add it.
So I would insert the mount a bit, hammer it in a tiny fraction of an inch with a hammer trough a piece wood, hammer it out, examine where the ink from a permanent marker rubbed off but mostly where burr formed (it is softer than the stainless steel), file off the burr and repeat.
Probably 5 hours altogether - mostly in front of the TV. Now to try the scope.

2. I insalled the front swivel stud in my Hogue stock - per Cajungeo instructions, except I used a small washer outside. Now I can mount a bipod and do not have sling attached to teh barrel.
Cajungeo, is there a non-destructive way to remove the sling loop from the gas block?

3. I insalled an M-16 buttplate with a trapdoor (which I purchased at e-gunparts for $7, some wear and small cracks) in place of my Hogue soft, thick catchy rubber buttpad. It required grinding - for which I used a metal-grinding disk of my 10" tablesaw, not having a stationary grinder. And of course some filing and sanding.
I was too lazy to go to the basement to drill the screw holes in the stock (need to be wider-spaced that original ones), so I used a red-hot nail for it. Also, I was too lazy to clean the table in order to polish the buttlplate with my dremel (even 400 sandpaper leaves a very dull surface on that plastic), so I just quickly heated the surface over the open flame at the stove to melt the surface a bit. It was 11:30 PM and I did not want to go to bed with work unfinished...

Now I would take and post the pictures of my rifle and all my work as soon as I can, as well as close-up shots of any Mini parts and pieces. Any requests?
I have a digital camera and not afraid to use it! :)


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Sounds like ya got a lot of work done, but then it really isn't work unless ya wanted to be somewhere else.;)

For the front sling swivel, i just got a pair of channel locks, and bent it out of the hole. Most bipods come with a sling swivel attached so you can use a sling if you want.
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