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The following information has been posted on . I think it's a great idea.

TEN Round Magazine Campaign
Are you a Mini Owner? Are you tired of the junk aftermarket magazines that have flooded the market? Dont you wish Ruger would produce and sell 10 round magazines? Let them know!
There is an effort started to try and let those incharge at
Ruger know that we the owners of their product (the MINI's)
would like them to start production and the sale of Ruger
factory 10 round mags to the general public. We need to get this message to as many people as possible so that Ruger feels there really is a good market for 10 round mags. Write a letter to
Ted Rowe
Director of Marketing
Sturm Ruger & Co.
411 Sunappe St.
Newport, NH 03773
(603) 863-3300

Express our desire to have Ruger manufacture a 10 round magazine. Even if you don't plan on purchasing one please help support those of us who would purchase them. Thank you for your efforts!
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