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John Walker Lindh will be 41, if not younger when he leaves Federal Prison. He will be able to pursue a meaningful career, father children and benefit from a sick form of celebrity. While in prison after the cursory adjustments are made, he will be revered as a hero for Islam and like Timothy McVeigh he will more than likely enjoy a high ranking in the honor of theives hierarchy. John Walker Lindh will enjoy free health care and guranteed nourishment--------------benefits that many Americans on fixed incomes who played by the rules their entire lives will never be assured of.

CIA Officer Spann will enjoy no such accolades and within five years hardly a peep will be spoken in his favor on the latest version of cable news. His wife will be forced to start over with little or no help from our government. Laverne Kirkland of Lufkin, Texas has also been long forgotten. He was blown out of a gun turret over Nazi Germanying run during a bomb and never seen again. Nolan "Pinchy" Williams of Warren, Arkansas did make it home after surviving the Bataan death march. He endured unspeakable terror and suffering at the hand of the Japanese never fully gaining a peak level of emotional and mental health by modern standards. After July 15, 2002, our Justice System or lack thereof as it were, made the sacrfices of the great Americans meaningless for all times. In fact after yesterday, every American who denied self and endured hardships in the name of freedom did it for nothing.

Following the same logic, liberty is no longer important to the American Public. Part and parcel of this independence we have enjoyed was financial stability as the world's storehouse of value. This distinction is no longer valid. The world now knows that Political Correctness is more important to our nation than remaining the global beacon for all that is good. It's clear by our refusal to aggressively go after the real perpetrators of terrorism instead of our elderly and our children in any given U.S. Airport security line that we no longer value freedom. It's clear to the rest of the globe that when a crack dealer gets a worse sentence than a traitor responsible for the death of our soldiers and innocent Afghans that American no longer places a high value on those rights endowed by God Almighty so many years ago. The markets will continue to tumble as the politicans fight among themselves to satisfy all of the numerous groups that multiculturalism has placed above a diverse group of persons longing to better themselves once known as Americans.

Yes, freedom is no longer worthwhile to the United States of America. Our rhetoric will espouse the opposite sentiments but our all important actions will divluge the real truth.

The Lindh case makes completely ill and I wonder what the hell the Justice Dept. was thinking. I don'lt get angry easily, but this onw really pisses me off. No other way I can think to describe it. His lawyer was on the radio stating how much he loved America because he wouldn't take direct action against Americans in Israel.

There you go, doomed by his own representative, so you don't even have to just take the media or the governments word for it. His own representatives admit he is a traitor. He knew he was working for an organization that meant to harm Americans, and just because he didn't take direct action doesn't mean he isn't a traitor. Its a shame the Justice Department didn't seek a hanging.

With any luck his prison life will be similar to that of Jeffrey Dahmer. Perhaps his cell mates will have known someone in the Pentagon, on the planes, on in the WTC. Perhaps they will have a relative deployed to Afghanistan. Lindh may find it difficult to spout his ignorance with a broken broom stick shoved through his colon.
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