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U.S.G.I. 30-06 M-2 Ball Ammo
-This has just been delivered and in stock now!
-Non-corrosive, boxer primed, fully re-loadable.
-Clean , sure fire. Comes in Original Browning cans and has 250 rnds. per re-useable steel can.
- Cost $99.95/500 +shipping (37 lbs)
-Very Limited Quantities.
-De-linked! M-2 spec's, so get out the Springfields and Garands!
-Civilian Marksmanship Program data places all of this quality U.S. made ammo in the NON-CORROSIVE lot range.
-Call our toll free at 888-264-9625 ,office at 270-622-3569 or fax to 270-622-3757
-all ordering info is at our site.
-Photo can be sent on request till it's put on website.

Bob Lippman-Cole Distributing
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