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Three inch barrels are my weakness when it comes to revolvers.
I don't know why, and I don't really want to know why, I just love most any swing out cylinder DA revolver with a three inch barrel on it.

So my normal DC rotation has a 3" .327 SP101 with spurless hammer, a 3" .357 SP101, (recently upgraded from the snub) with a spurless hammer... and for the last couple of years, a Kimber K6 3". There are some odd ones that get a day out from time to time like the Bulldog Pug, but those three are my mainstays.

I do some stupid stuff, like just having paid $550 for a Taurus 941 in 3"... I mean when is the last time that you've actually seen an early 90s production 3" 941 Taurus?

Well for my next daft maneuver, I just picked up one of the earlier SP101 22s, the six shot, with a 4.2" barrel... and I'm going to cut it down to 3".

I want to be able to drill religiously with a revolver that is either exactly or essentially the same as my chosen DC, without it costing me so much to do so.
You know, the one pistol that tags along on each and every range trip, and digests several thousand rounds a year.
I hit the range almost every weekend two thirds of the year, and every other during the colder months.
But I hate the cost of feeding the DC with as much as I want to feed them.
I also want to practice more still with the speed strip that has been in my front pocket daily for more than a decade... I don't do that enough.

That said, I can cut the barrel down myself, and shape it to the original factory contour, then polish it back to match the factory finish.
I can re-crown it, as I've done a handful of crowns with excellent success.
What I don't think that I could pull off, is re-cutting the slot and drilling the hole for the front sight further down the barrel.
That one scares the crap out of me.
Not even sure how I would begin to go about it.
I guess I could always just dove tail in a sight that matches the height required, as I've done a few dove tails, but I really don't want that.

It is not like I'm really going to be using the sight, as the whole point of a CCW firearm, is that the weapon carrying it be proficient in point and shoot, not trying to line up the sights.
That's the point of doing this to start with, I'm not half bad, but I want to be better still.

Okay, after that longwinded prelude... so who knows of a competent smith somewhere, preferably not too far from me here in Missouri, who I could trust with tackling this stupid stunt along with me, for a reasonable price?
Someone that you personally, would trust?
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