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Folks first I shouldn't have used that one word in the title. I don't
like swearing on any forum. However this calls for a little atitude..
Like many of you out there I'm a Vet along with most all of my Uncles
on my Mother's side, a Brother, a Cousin on my Father's side and my
Mother's late Husband...When I saw this I saw RED...I know in my
heart that this is FLAT WRONG. I also know everyone has a right to
the 1st Amendment, but this goes too far... Worse is the lousy
cops standing by...It also upsets me this is in my own state and
not far from me...Lock and load!!

I'm a lousy driver, as these creeps would of found out if I had been
driving by when this went down...Ck it out...,00.html

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Don't blame you one bit for being PO'd. I think if they are exercising their right to Free Speach then we ought to be able to excerise ours by kicking their butts!

Protest, chant, carry signs, ... or what have you ... but then it comes to desicrating the flag of the US I think that crosses an unwritten boundary.

That has nothing to do with the 1st amendment, its criminal activity. Theft, trespass, and vandalism, it would seem. You also have to wonder what these protestors had in mind when they did it. Do they really think this will turn people to their point of view? If they do they are more ignorant than they first appear, as this sort of activity will drive people away from your movement.

These protestors are the same sort as the environmentalist who try to injure loggers or the animal rights people who throw paint on women. They don't do any good for their cause and probably hurt it.

Speaking of protestors, there was a group of anti-abortion protestors in my town this weekend, gathered around the main stop light. (Yes, its small enough that there is a main stop light, and there are exactly 4 in the town, total). Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with them or them being there, but I had to wonder why they chose this area. The town has around 5,000 people, and the nearest abortion clinic is across state lines, some 35 miles away. There isn't another within 100 miles that I am aware of, and I'm just guessing that there is one in Indianapolis. I guess they were just trying to get their word out, but in a small town that doesn't even have facilities its sort of odd that they chose to do it here instead of somewhere that people seeking the services of a clinic or the politicians who make the decisions on that sort of thing would see them.
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