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Calling that thing a survey is an abomination. The wording is so loaded its unreal. "more thant 10,000 people die each year.." and "our schools aren't safe.." in the answers. Bah. As if the schools being unsafe are because of guns. Maybe its because of sack-o-s* parents who don't take any kind of interest in their kids and let them run wild. As if those 10,000 people wouldn't be killed with sharpened spoons if that's all we had. I know, I know, preaching to the choir here, but the stupid reasoning always aggrevates me.

A gun is a tool, just like a hammer. You can be productive with it, or misuse it.

I think your post, and doubtlessly others like it are making a difference, despite them trying to skew the results, though. When I went and voted, pro-self defense and over 94% of the vote.

I'd recommend you email them and let them know what BS their survey is, after you vote.

I sent them the following message. Feel free to use any of it you want, but its probably most effective if you write your own.

I have to comment on your survey about the gun show laws. The results of your survey will tell you nothing about what people honestly believe. The survey is incredibly skewed in its wording. I'm sure you realize that for a survey to be credible the wording must be neutral and unemotional, allowing those polled to respond as they currently feel.

The extreme anti-rights slant on the responses are blatant. "Currently our communities and schools are not safe" has nothing to do with firearm ownership and the right to self defense, but in context it implies that more restrictions on firearms would result in safer communities and schools.

"Approximately 10,000 people are murdered with firearms each year" is also loaded. No where in a response does it mention how many lives were saved by firearms, nor how many of those deaths would have been caused by other means if the assailant hadn't had access to a firearm.

"Any impediment to gun ownership is a violation of Second Amendment rights regardless of other benefits..." is loaded, as you might believe in certain restrictions, such as convicted felons can't purchase a gun, but still not support the Brady bill, which is apparently the subject of the poll.

However, the pro-rights individuals spread the word of your bias survey so that those of us who believe in the constitution can let you know that, regardless of your lack of neutral wording.:usa:

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Those guys have really attractive graphics! The White House Dome! The US Flag! I voted for the 2nd Amendment.

What in the heck do they expect? Do they want me to continue going about my business without noticing what's happening in our government? What kind of peasant do they think I am?

Take it and like it? NO!


They don't actually post their address, but clicking on the contact button at the lower right of the main page brings up a form to send them mail automatically. The link at the top of this post will take you directly to them.

Current results, pasted from the web site are:

A. Close the loophole. 1.83 % (108)
B. We need national licensing and registration. 0.37 % (22)
C. Both A and B. 7.50 % (443)
D. None of the Above. 90.29 % (5330)

Just figured I'd let you know that I never got a response to the email I sent them. I guess they couldn't think of a way to defend their survey, or they just threw me in their nutcase pile and figured it would be a waste of time to respond.

Anybody else contact them or get a response?

Added in edit: Current results

A.Close the loophole. 1.76 % (138)
B. We need national licensing and registration. 0.32 % (25)
C. Both A and B. 8.37 % (655)
D. None of the Above. 89.54 % (7004)
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