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Versa Pod

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I'm comparing bipods and the 2 I'm looking at are the Versa Pod and the Parker Hale. The 2 are virtually identical physically but not financially. My question is " Is the Parker Hale unit worth almost 3 times the price of the Versa Pod? Probably more importantly, would it be wise to use either unit on a full National Match rifle, because both mounting systems require the replacement of the stock gas system plug with a modified adapter plug. I was told that on the National Match model you don't mess with the gas system period. Is this true or is that being a little too careful? :sniper:
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I used the recomended M1A/M14 mount as described in the Versa Pod instalation procedures, without a hitch. This is the $hit when it comes to moun
ting sysytems. No problems, period.
Life should be this smooth!:sniper:
Except you can't use a harris or any other bipod system that employs a sling swivel on a National Match without popping the barrel and receiver out of the bedded forend to install the sling swivel, and there by destroying the accuracy of the bedding job.
Not to mention throwing away the extra $600-$700 I paid for a M1ANM as opposed to a M1A"Loaded" version.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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