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THANKSGIVING SALE! While everyone is at the mall, get a super weekend deal on these great kits. These are original Israeli Military Industry Uzi kits. The Uzi was created by Uziel Gal, a young soldier, in the early 1950's. It was picked as the better rifle over the 9mm Kara because its simple and inexpensive design made it easy to build, as well as them being very durable against the dust and grit that caused rifles to jam. The main focus of the UZI is that with it's simple design, it is a very functional and compact rifle. It was designed with a great safety release, which makes it practically impossible to accidentally misfire. The rifle also has a very unique position of the magazine, which helped the tired soldiers reload in the dark without fumbling. The rifle is easy to strip and assemble due to the small number of parts and it is even able to be fired with one hand. The UZI that we know today was finally refined in 1955 with the fixed wooden stock. A metal folding stock replaced the fixed wooden one in 1967. They are in good to very good condition and have been de-militarized to BATF specifications. These do not come with a mag. This is a collector's item and TAPCO is just the company to bring them to you! All NFA Rules Apply.

Ken Ward
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