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This summer I will be given the opportunity to get my hands on one or two rifles:D, and although I do like other weapons, I'm very into manually operated weapons and belt-feds. I am looking for a, *sigh*, 'tactical':wacko: lever action rifle. A synthetic stock, tri-rail forearm(or just a rail on the bottom and one on the left will work), ghost-ring sights, a scope rail (for an actual scope this time:sniper:), and the ability to thread the muzzle(for a fake suppressor until I become of age for a real one), and last but not least, I would prefer a rifle in .357 Mag for use of cheap ammo and .38 Special options, but .44 Mag is OK, too. I will be taking capacity in this one. 1 more .357 Mag round is worth it to me:ar15:. Any suggestions of rifles or where to start?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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