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For my Mini-30, I just tried a USA 10 rounder I got via CDNN for 10 bucks. To my suprize, it worked flawlessly, fit good, fed good, and held open bolt through 8 full clips.
However, the new, stronger hammer spring from Brownell's failed to pop 1 out of 80 primers of the Wolf Berdan primers. I guess at 2 bucks a box, I'll have to live with it.
Also tried new 6X40 scope from J&B Sales. Appalling, Chinese, garbage. Even at $19.95 it isn't worth being a paperweight.
I'm hoping it had nothing to do with the Ruger integral scope mounts. I don't like the way they look..... cocked a ****hair or 2.
Has anybody ever had problems with these. I had to adjust the windage drum to get the impact to the right, 52 clicks, until I thought the drum would fall out, then, there was an unfocused image. The mounts kept getting loose, even with the lock washers I used. Next scope, Locktight. Or possibly no scope if the rings are bogus.
I hope after all this firing pin, magazine, rear sight, and scope ring problems this Mini-30 will behave. Ruger sure has balls selling these at $479.00 plus!! 20-20 hindsight SUCKS!!!
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