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I have invested over $500 in "various" upgrades to my shotgun but w the exception of my Colt Combat Elite, I don't think I've done much more than trigger jobs or swapped front/rear sights on my rifles n handguns. (Scopes are separate category - they Always Cost more than we care to recall...)

I had a chance to upgrade my SW Chiefs special to look like a Wiley Clapp special. (Red ramp front w white outline rear) and it was $304 plus S&H. Since I only spent $260 on the pistol, I balked. Still sitting in a drawer at parents house.

It would have improved the performance of the gun which seems to be the holy grail by which we approve upgrades and open our wallets accordingly. I do enjoy shooting it.

I was just wondering if I was the only one who has dumped more money into "upgrading" shotguns than rifles or pistols ?

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Yep, I fish around pawn shops for cheep Remington 700s. Throw away every thing except the stripped bolt (some builds I have used a [email protected] bolt). and action. Usually add a Krieger, Bartlein, or Brux barrel, Jewell trigger, Gre-tan firing pin assembly, Sako extractor, Holland recoil lug, Manners, McReespericsion, McMillan stock/chassis, $$$ for the gunsmith to true everything and build the rifle.
I spend quite a bit on upgrading my bolt guns.

Pistols are another story; I really like stainless Ruger single and double actions. I have a close friend that will polish the entire pistol and do the triggers, so other than fancy holsters I don't spend that much on them.
Glocks, sights, triggers, new slides or machine the original one, and a barrel. They can get pricey.
I bought a Nighthawk 1911 (Grp Recon) several years ago, liked it so much I bought another one. (Vickers Tactical) They are expensive but require no upgrades. (I sold my other 1911s, so that helped with the purchase).

Ar'$ are just a money pit for me..... A very deep, dark, pit$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Shot guns, I just shoot them how I bought them. I don't have anything fancy, they just are not my thing.

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I like reworking shot guns as well!!!

I like to see how far I can take field shot guns and remake them into tactical shot guns.
I like using Remington 870 Wingmaster actions and build them up from a good solid platform.

I add mag extenders, scopes (for the slug / sabot) versions, I add adjustable stocks, rear pistol grips, fore arm pistol grips, recoil pads , laser/light combos, WHY, because I can.

(Left) 1979 870 Rem Wing Master 12 gage.
(Right) Finished tactical HD "Thor's Hammer".


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