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Am I crazy or is my Mini just way too picky?

I bought some Tapco 30rd Gen II magazines, they originally worked fine, for ~ 100rds, then it was continual jam.

1 or 2 rounds, then the shell is just not picked up. Drop Clip, re-insert and 1 shell only, wont pick up the second.

I talked to Tapco, they know this, sent me new, revised version, and each and every time I try to load a round, is doesn't pick up the second, whether it is, 30, 20 10 or 5 rounds in each clip.

My Ruger 5 and round clips work flawlessly, including steel casings.

Any ideas? Just forget Tapco, and go with the heaver (more $$) Ruger mags? Or should I have the Mini Ranch looked at?
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