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Mini 30's HATE Tula ammo, but they will operate very well with the Barnaul (Silver Bear or Golden Bear) ammo. The Brown Bear will not operate quite as well as the Silver Bear or Golden Bear, but it will fire. It just won't cycle as smoothly. Tula will give you a very high rate of failure to fire because the primers are very hard and slightly recessed, and the Mini 30 lacks the more robust firing pin impact of the AK or SKS. The is a current shortage of Barnaul ammo in the US. Hopefully, this will be alleviated before long. If you can find mil-surp brass ammo, that will do fine in your Mini 30 also. Wolf will be about the same as Brown Bear. I use Tula a lot in other weapons, but NOT my Mini 30.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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