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Triple K Mags?????

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Does anybody know if the Triple K mags that Cabelas sell are anygood. I just bought my mini-14 and looking to get mags for it.
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Hey cop 369. I have read more negative about the triple k mags, than the others. For 10 round mags, promags are the way to go. They look high quality like Ruger mags, and mine work perfect. Course for hicaps, you can't beat rugers, but they are out of my price range $100. I have some PMI's they cost $39-$59. They work perfect for me. I also have some no names I got from cheaper than dirt. They work well, IF i leave out a couple of rounds, and load with the bolt open. With the cheaper mags it is hit or miss. Some can be used after reshaping the feed lips. I don't have any 40 rd mags, as they are kinda long for the bipods.
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I looked at fourfour's website, I see the pro mags in 10 rds only. Do pro mags have 20 and 30, if not who makes good ones.
No one has made Hi-cap. (Over 10 rds) mags since Sept 13, 1994. All the hi-cap mags for sale now were made before the ban. I like PMI, The price on them seems to be going up $10 a year as they are getting more scarce.

Promags currently manuf 5 and 10 rd. mags.
They still make at least the 20 rd. mags today for LEO. I have seen some genuine Ruger 20 rd pre-ban mags at the Houston gunshow with my own eyes. They were asking $125.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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