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Triple K Mags?????

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Does anybody know if the Triple K mags that Cabelas sell are anygood. I just bought my mini-14 and looking to get mags for it.
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Well, to be perfectly honest, the only mags I have found worth the money are the 10 rds made by Pro Mag. Sold by I have a 40 PMI that is crap and what I am told is that USA Mags are no better. I'd rather have a reliable 10 than an unreliable 100. The first 2 are all that count anyhow--then you have moving targets (those that are able to run). Besides, I can carry a 10 in a shirt pocket. Damn those beer cans anyhow!!!:usa:
Cop369. Don't know if you are or wannabe but my experience has been pay the premium and be glad you had the funds. I got a 40 PMI that is crap. IMHO the ONLY hi cap to get is Ruger or Pro Mag. The others will let you feel pain. Nothing screws up your sight picture like the impact of a bullet............:usa: As one who turned his back on a double 12 I know........Judge for Yourself!!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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