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Triple K Mags?????

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Does anybody know if the Triple K mags that Cabelas sell are anygood. I just bought my mini-14 and looking to get mags for it.
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I'd stay away from the Triple K mags. I have 3 that I bought from Cheaper than Dirt and all of them jamb in my mini 30 on a regular basis. I have also tried a Western 20 rounder and that worked a little better for me. Eagle 18 rounders seem to feed ok but I had to do some work on them as the locking hole (don't know what else to call it) on the front was too large for the pin in my mag well. I have had great success with the Promag 10 rounders and well as the John Masen 10 rounders. The Promags seem to be the better made just from a visual inspection standpoint. Fourfour mags from this board offers some specials on those I believe. He also has great service.

While on the subject of mags here is a question for all the experts out there. I read ( I believe in American Rifleman) that Ruger never made any mags that hold more than 15 rounds. Yet I keep seeing people who refer to Ruger 20 or 30 rounders. Any thoughts on the subject.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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