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Back in my younger days , I brought a brand new over/under SKB 600 trap . It was all I always wanted at that time , even brought a Remington 870 trap as my backup , as every good trap shooter always had a backup . The 870 went a year ago to my youngest daughter , her husband wanted a gun and he picked the best one I offered my daughter !

My only son has now decided to join a gun club and needed a trap gun , so my prize SKB is now gone ! Both guns were just sitting around as trap shooting seems to be too expensive sport for me and most gun clubs around where I live have closed .

I'm glad that my two trap guns are going to be used , the daughter never was going to get my over/under , even though she's a natural with an 1100 field grade Remington 20 ga. when she was young .

I'm just glad that two of my children can afford to shoot trap , as I can't afford to do that anymore . :(

How about you ?

Is the price of shooting trap , skeet or sporting clays stopping you ?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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