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Here on the farm I keep a couple of trail cameras going on and off all year long. There might be a couple of months here and there where they are not going.

The trail cameras get moved around. They might be in the chicken yard for a few weeks, might be in a pine thicket, near a creek, looking at a deer feeder, or somewhere else.

A few weeks ago my oldest son and I cleared a couple of trails through a thicket with a tractor and brush hog, then set up a deer feeder. The deer feeder is not throwing out any corn, as of yet.

I decided to put a trail camera out overlooking the deer feeder and intersection at two of the trails. First attempt something went wrong with the trail camera settings. All it did was record video during the day.

The camera settings were changed to motion activated and the camera set out again for a night. That night there was a whitetail doe browsing around the feeder.

New batteries were put in the camera and I am going to leave it out there for a few days.

Wildlife Observation

The camera tells me what kind of wildlife is moving trough the area. Are there any coyotes, stray dogs, raccoons, rabbits, deer, people walking through that area?

This information gives me an idea of how many animals are on that part of the property. Deer will roam. I have seen them travel an easy 1/2 mile is just a few minutes going between different feeders.
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