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I know I'm going to regret this, but other priorities mean this needs to go. So up for sale or trade is my Ruger Mini 14. This is a 181 series, date of manufacture is 1979 based on the serial number. I have made some minor modifications that have turned this into a reliable, consistent, 2 MOA rifle. Those mods are:

Reduced size gas bushing (.050" IIRC), set came with other sizes and will be included
Wolff extra power recoil spring
Lighter trigger spring (didn't really make much difference)

I will be selling this as a package, which will consist of the following:

Rifle, of course.
Choate folding stock
Holosun 403B red dot sight
UltiMAK rail
2 ea. Ruger 30 round mags
6 ea. Ruger 10 round mags
1 ea. Ruger 5 round mag
4 ea. no name 30 round mags

If you've ever priced Ruger brand Mini 14 mags, you know that's a chunk of change just in mags. All original parts will be included, as well as some other misc. parts I have on hand. Those of you with sharp eyes may notice the missing rear sight in the pic with the OEM stock, I removed it to install a scope mount, both the sight and mount will be included. Price is $1050 shipped, rifle will be shipped to FFL of your choice. If we end up doing a trade, we each cover our own shipping. Prefer payment via Zelle, PayPal, or USPS MO, but something else can probably be negotiated if necessary.

I will consider trades/part trades for the following:

Compact 9mm pistol, prefer DA/SA with decocker, but will consider others. Not interested in pocket pistols or sub-compacts.
Something in a .45 ACP pistol, Commander sized 1911 maybe, or maybe another Sig 220, I kind of regret letting mine go.
AR 15 complete upper, .223 Wilde chamber, prefer mid-gas minimum, prefer side charger or slick side, M-Lok rail, no FSB. No SBR's or pistols, too much hassle with the former, and I think the latter are stupid. Don't need sights.
Might consider a PCC in 9 or 10mm or .45 ACP, but it would be way down on the list.
Can't think of anything else I'm actively jonesing for, but feel free to make me an offer, worst I'll do is say no.

Pics are pretty basic, if you need/want something specific, let me know. Any questions, ask here, offers to PM please. Thanks for looking.

NOTE: Upper pic is current configuration, lower is just to show folding stock installed.

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