Gun classified sites allow us to sell and buy guns without getting a minor heart attack at the local gun store. We're spared the insulting offer on a gun that may even look pristine and was worth its weight in gold a couple of months ago when the same store sold it for a hefty sum. In a nutshell, classifieds bring buyers and sellers together without the middle man.

We buy and sell guns for different reasons. Some of us have guns in our personal safe that haven't seen the light of day for far too long. Some folks are looking for a different firearm, because of curiosity or strong recommendation. Some started a project, miscalculated the budget and now need additional funds to finish it. Some of us read gun reviews only to discover that we must own that special firearm. Finally, and more importantly, some of us sell guns to compensate for hard economic times and a higher cost of living. Whatever the reason for selling or buying the end result is the same-we have a need to sell or buy one or more firearms.

So how do we go about doing that? We know that, more often than not, our local store will put our health at risk. Local bulletin boards are already saturated with firearms that don't sell or, worse, were sold at a big loss. That sounds pretty grim but, fortunately, there's a third option, which will be the focus of this article.

Before we get going I would offer one note of caution. As with any online transaction the possibility of fraud exists, and it is your responsibility to make sure you are doing business with an honest party. As a general rule, I usually say that whatever seems too good to be true probably isn't as good as it seems. Use common sense as a shield against regret. On the other hand, the great majority of sellers you'll meet are honest and, like you, they want to close a good deal. Just treat others with respect and try to get the most out of the experience. So, with that said, let's look at 5 great gun classified sites that can help you buy or sell a firearm for a good price.

1. Gun Broker

Gun Broker is probably the largest and best known classifieds site I'll discuss here. From firearms to ammo to accessories, you can buy and sell them on Gun Broker. People from all over the country come to buy and sell their goods in a safe and organized manner. Using a similar system to eBay, you can offer your gun for sale on an auction, or you can browse through the countless guns put up for sale by people like you or by dealers both large and small. It's a vibrant environment that offers a rating system with feedback.

Gun Broker is great for both experienced and novice users, offering help with finding an FFL (needed for buying and selling guns interstate), as well as great step-by-step instructions on how to sell or buy a gun without running into common problems or scams. As with all things in life, a deal that's too good to be true is typically just that. I highly recommend you give Gun Broker a strong look and research it further to see if it meets your needs. Note that Gun Broker charges sellers a fee; more precisely, they charge a 'Final Value Fee' if you succeed in selling your gun. Be sure to check the 'Fees and Services' section to consider the cost vs. benefits. Regardless of whether you decide to use their services or not, I highly recommend you check their excellent 'For Sellers' section, as well as the 'FFL Dealer Finder. Visit Gun Broker.

2. Auction Arms

Auction Arms has been around since 1998 and are the official auction site of the NRA. At any given point you'll find thousands of online classifieds for rifles, shotguns and handguns. If you want to put your gun up for sale, you can do that in a few simple steps, after which your gun classified will be available to a huge audience of likeminded people. Auction Arms will help you locate an FFL dealer by state, zip code or distance (e.g. show all FFL dealers within 10 miles of my zip code). The ability to compare the costs charged by a few dealers for buying firearms (e.g. transfer fees) or selling (e.g. fees for paperwork or shipping) will allow you to get the best deal. For using their site and reaching their site visitors, sellers have to pay a fee collected in the form of a percentage deducted from the final sale price. I highly recommend you check their 'Help & Info' section before doing anything, to see if this is the right place for you to sell or buy your gun. Visit Auction Arms.

3. Guns America

Guns America is a well-known site that offers guns for sell and lets you create classifieds for selling your own guns. The site has many thousands of items for sell, both guns and accessories, from dealers or individuals. If you want to sell you firearm on Guns America, you have several choices as to how you will do it, but a basic account is free and if you sell your gun to one of the many visitors, Guns America will charge you a standard post-sale fee of 2% (with a minimum of $20 for guns). The site is easy to browse and quite user friendly. I noticed many guns had fairly high prices and I, therefore, think that a reasonably priced gun (in good condition) ought to sell fairly quickly. To make sure that Guns America is indeed the classifieds site for you, browse the many sections, see how other folks advertise their guns and then read the 'Buying and Selling' portion carefully prior to taking any action. Visit Guns America.

4. Bud's Gun Shop

This site may seem out of place, but I assure you that it's not. Bud's Gun Shop has a huge online store and they also run auctions on Gun Broker-and they also offer a great free service. They have a classifieds section where you can post a gun for sale or find a gun to buy. It's a curtsey service, and you'll be surprised at what you can find there. The folks at Bud's have said it nicely, so I'll simply quote them: "Let Bud's help sell your new or used gun. We appreciate our customers and want to return the favor by allowing you to advertise your gun(s) in front of thousands of prospective gun buyers for FREE. You can remove your ad at any time, after the gun is sold, or the ad will expire 30 days after you post it. Thank you and happy selling!" So check them out and see if this gun classified site could work for you since, at zero cost, you really have nothing to lose! Visit Bud's Gun Shop.

5. Outdoors Trader

Outdoors Trader offers free gun classifieds for buying and selling guns, as well as parts, ammo and accessories. Here you find folks like you who want to sell their items, and it's pretty much up to you to get the deal closed. You can look at ads that have a state listed or not, and you can also sort and focus on a single state, thus finding sellers or buyers within you own area, something that makes the transaction easier and cheaper. The selection here greatly varies by week to week, but the site is easy to browse and search. It may be a case of the chicken and the egg, but it would be fair to assume that more people selling on the site would lead to more buyers and in turn more sellers. The site is there for you to utilize for free, so give it a look and see if it's right for you. Visit Outdoors Trader.