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Todays Groupings

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The Last Round of the Day. Just a Standard Mini 14 with a new Muzzle Break as the only add-on.

Shooting 62 Grain Wolf Ammo at 100 Yards... (It requires extra cleaning but at 9 Cents a round....)

I'm a statistician so I dropped my hits into Excel and did some calculations for Standard Deviation and plotted a 99% Hit Probability based on the current Man (Me) and Machine (My Mini)used... I wanted a baseline to see how future Rifle enhancements and changes in my techniques might actually help...

I've got some adjusting to do obviously, but what's everyone think?


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Hi sgt, there isn't enough given information to critique your groupage. I only use groups of 3 to get on target, I prefer to use groups of 5, for at least 5 groups, on different targets, then average to get a better idea on how; me, my rifle, and ammo are doing.

If your only mod thus far is a muzzle brake, you must be using iron sights. If you were using a scope it should be about 1/2 that group size. When working on a mod, or evaluating ammo you should use a bench rest, bipod, or at least a sandbag. The target practice comes later once you have tuned your rifle, with ammo it likes. Otherwise you will never know if its you, your rifle or your ammo.

Wheather you use iron sights or a scope a trigger job is highly recommended. A hard trigger can move your muzzle all over the place. A trigger job will greatly improve your group consistancy. I only paid $25 for my 3 1/2# trigger job with a combo deal with a gas busing kit for another $25 from Mike Knifong.

I don't mean to tell you how to shoot, as its hard to know what another shooter knows or dosen't know, ya know?

I have a target somewhere that analyzes your shots. Will see if I can dig it up, and post it.

Ok, I got this from westfork in our 10/22 forum, check out this target.
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Sgt, when my eyes were young I shot an 8" group at 500 yds with peep sights on my m-14. Now I would be lucky to get an 8" group at 100 yds. Thats why I use a scope. I would say yes a consistant 1-2" groups at 100 yds with out a scope is out of reach for most mini shooters, and even with a scope, if you haven't tuned your mini, 5" groups are common. A trigger job, and gas bushing kit will help ya a lot. Save yor targets, and document each mod. so you can see how each mod pays off. I did, and it made me :D
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