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The Last Round of the Day. Just a Standard Mini 14 with a new Muzzle Break as the only add-on.

Shooting 62 Grain Wolf Ammo at 100 Yards... (It requires extra cleaning but at 9 Cents a round....)

I'm a statistician so I dropped my hits into Excel and did some calculations for Standard Deviation and plotted a 99% Hit Probability based on the current Man (Me) and Machine (My Mini)used... I wanted a baseline to see how future Rifle enhancements and changes in my techniques might actually help...

I've got some adjusting to do obviously, but what's everyone think?


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: If I've got technique problems nobody will be hurting my feelings by pointing it out... I'd appreciate the candor.
That depends on what your technique is.
We talking sand bags on a nice bench? Iron sights? or off hand standing on your head;)
IMHO - if it's iron sights with sandbags - that looks about right for Wolfe ammo.
Others have reccomended it - but the first upgrade you should do is a trigger job - without doing that it'd be like having a hot rod with little tiny wheels - or a killer stereo system with cruddy little get the idea.
I took 2 classes too many of statistics in college and am pretty good on excel -
How tricky is it to set up that chart?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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