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Todays Groupings

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The Last Round of the Day. Just a Standard Mini 14 with a new Muzzle Break as the only add-on.

Shooting 62 Grain Wolf Ammo at 100 Yards... (It requires extra cleaning but at 9 Cents a round....)

I'm a statistician so I dropped my hits into Excel and did some calculations for Standard Deviation and plotted a 99% Hit Probability based on the current Man (Me) and Machine (My Mini)used... I wanted a baseline to see how future Rifle enhancements and changes in my techniques might actually help...

I've got some adjusting to do obviously, but what's everyone think?


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dude I bought this fire lapping system recently and completed the task this past weekend, for only like $28. I went to 1-2 in. groups as soon as I calmed down the breathing and stuff - I was way too excited. With my "old" mini 30 I'd get at least one round out of five in a wierd place, a flyer, kind of like your chart (and I'm pretty sure I have decent mechanics). After Final Finish they all landed in a nice tight group (for a mini). What's more it was consistent, I felt like a pro. Oh yeah, I think I remember reading in FM 23-10 that groups consistently right and high and low, sort of like yours, are a result of too much pull on the trigger (assuming your a righty). The stock mini trigger isn't exactly a Porsche, could be something to think about. Did you use a scope?
ps "statistically" speaking you have 9 of 21 shots that are 3 inches or greater off target (assuming your zeroed). That's at 100 yards. At 300 I bet that MOA falls off the map. Even on a mini, with cheap HP ammo, in no wind I'd think you can do better at 100 did ask. As I read on it sounds like you scope adjustment is a good one. keep at it, it's a weird little gun but it's a cool one. and get that Final Finish!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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