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I read various discussions about the pros/cons of restoring a WWII era M1 Garand. Some believe it to be a terrible thing to do, in any way, to "improve" upon what the rifle is, since the story of the rifle comes with the way it has come down to us. Others either could care less about the "down side" of restoring, or don't like to do it only because the chances of recovering what you put into the restoration will probably never be returned to the person who paid for it. Still others want a beautiful restoration of the rifle that won WWII in the hands of our brave troops. I count myself in this group on the question of restoration.

In the midst of this, many don't ever get a chance to see a restored Garand, so I thought I would put this video together of the Garand I had restored. The video link is below.

This was my first M1 Garand I purchased, intentionally buying it for the purpose of restoring it. I wanted a WWII era Garand, both receiver and barrel. I found this one and bought it. It had a simply dreadful 50s era stock that was put on it.

of the Garand I had restored by Dean's Gun Restorations.
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