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Titanium Firing Pins and Extractors

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Has anyone found any "real" improvements by going to the Titanium firing pins and improved extractors or are these just hype? Depending on the type of gun & part, titanium may be a good thing or a nightmare waiting to happen. My instincts are telling me to keep the bolt stock due to it's flawless performance.
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I've read articles on the ti pins, they are lighter, and have less inerta therefore could cause lite pin strikes, so I'm staying away from them.
As far as the aftermarket extractor (Volquartsen?) I am staying with the std ruger extractor, as most of the extraction is the case being blown out of the chamber anyway. My papa, always said: "If it works good don't fix it!"
There are other things I would spend my money on, like a good scope! Bolt Recoil Buffer, extended mag release, etc.
I had to read your post a couple of times, I think you ment to say rearward travel (toward the shooter) to extract, to strike the ejector of the mag. Thats why I don't buy any mags with plastic lips, ejector tab is the first thing to go. One of these days I will try to extract a round with the extractor removed, just to see if it would work, if probably would not be reliable, but I bet it would blow the case out out of the chamber.
The Tab in the mag serves 2 purposes:
(1) On foward travel of the bolt, the cam (rear of tab) kicks up the bullet tip to enter the chamber.
(2) on the rearward travel of the bolt, the case rim is held on the right side by the extractor to seat against the bolt face. As the case is moved rearward, the case rim strikes the fwd side of the magazine tab on the left side of the case rim, and is ejected.

Ok then why does the case still eject with the mag out?
Because there is an ejector in the trigger group. Part #B-8.
With the magazine in, the case will strike the ejector tab of the magazine first. The ejector B-8 will only be used with the magazine out. You can look in thru the ejection port, and see it strike this magazine tab first, about 1/2" before it strikes the ejector B-8. the case is long gone by then.
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