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Titanium Firing Pins and Extractors

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Has anyone found any "real" improvements by going to the Titanium firing pins and improved extractors or are these just hype? Depending on the type of gun & part, titanium may be a good thing or a nightmare waiting to happen. My instincts are telling me to keep the bolt stock due to it's flawless performance.
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I can see much more utility from an improved extractor than a titanium firing pin. The extractor needs to hold the bullet firmly until it strikes the ejector, otherwise a malfunction could happen during the bolt’s forward travel. I’ve never cared for the titanium firing pins in any of the guns I’ve owned so I never used them. What would worry me the most is someone dry firing the rifle and the (hard sharp) firing pin hitting the edge of the chamber – that could cause some damage. I’d also be leery of the loss of inertia from a heavier pin and the lockwork time saved is moot as far as I’m concerned in one of these applications.
I did mean forward travel. I've had prolems in the past when the extractor (not a rim fire though) did not hold properly and it did not permit a good casing strike against the ejector. The result was a empty casing tumbling in front of a closing bolt. Not a good thing in competition.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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