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Thoughts on mounting Ultimak mount

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I've ordered Ultimak yesterday.
Would it make sense to take the thermal compound that is used to fill the microscopic gaps between a CPU and a heatsink of a computer and use it between the barel and the Ultimak rail?

That should improve heat transfer from the barrel to the mount, helping distribute it more evenly and cool the whole thing faster gue to increased surface.

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I don't know voruzon. Maybe a couple things to consider. That type of heat sink material is thin, not for large gap filling. Also the tube is very small, it may take several to fill, gap between barrel, and the rail. It thins, and may run down into the slide area.
Just thinking out loud, if the underside of the Ultimak is black, this would help absorb heat, the aluminum construction would aid the heat transfer to the outside of the ultimak lugs, which would act as cooling fins, by increasing surface area.

Hmmm, now ya got me looking at my std shroud, the first 5 inches which would be the hottest part of the barrel, is not vented. I may be doing a little research in this area. I wonder if venting it there would cause the scope to become covered with gas smutt from the gas pipe/slide rod assy?
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