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Thoughts on mounting Ultimak mount

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I've ordered Ultimak yesterday.
Would it make sense to take the thermal compound that is used to fill the microscopic gaps between a CPU and a heatsink of a computer and use it between the barel and the Ultimak rail?

That should improve heat transfer from the barrel to the mount, helping distribute it more evenly and cool the whole thing faster gue to increased surface.

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voruzon---You might want to check with an industrial HVAC suppy house & see if they have thermal transfer paste, It's used for the samething as the CPU/heatsink paste & may be a little less expensive. I have a jar from Honeywell but can't remember how much it cost me. I use it when installing temperature gauges & RTD's in thermal wells. For this kind of thing to work the Ultimak mount will have to be a very close fit to the barrel, very close. Just getting rid of the plastic (Insulated) hand gaurd will probably help quite a bit in radiating heat from the barrel.

Good luck
"Pecheneg" This must be the Russian word for "Bic". I can't imagine a machinegun with a permenently installed barrel. I've seen M-60's so hot you could light a cigarette off of the barrel & even with chrome lining a barrel that gets that hot is trash. I hope this doesn't catch on.

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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