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Thoughts on mounting Ultimak mount

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I've ordered Ultimak yesterday.
Would it make sense to take the thermal compound that is used to fill the microscopic gaps between a CPU and a heatsink of a computer and use it between the barel and the Ultimak rail?

That should improve heat transfer from the barrel to the mount, helping distribute it more evenly and cool the whole thing faster gue to increased surface.

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You may want to try it only at the gas block and the Ultimak clamp near the receiver. If it truly works as a heat transfer agent, the heat will be drawn to the mount. This also will solve the problem of trying to fill a large space. Follow the instructions for installing the Ultimak and upon reinstalling the top of the gas block, put down a layer of compound and tighten up in a cross pattern using the hardened cap screws. You may want to use a feeler guage to make sure it is evenly spaced on both sides. Sounds like a good idea... it should move some heat from the bbl. too bad we don't have a way to measure the change. Good Luck!
On my Ultimak... mounted on 181 Series Mini GB, seems to cool better than the factory handguard. My original reason for this mount was to allow for dot type scope mounting and it excels at this. Holds zero upon remount with ARMS #22 low rings.

Fired about 50 rds in 20 min. when I first got it. Really didn't notice it being hot. I was concentrating on the optics but I'm sure I would have noticed if it was smoking or my red dot melted off the rings.

I also have one on a FA AK. It will cook anything you put on it but it is actually replacing the gas tube so all the heat is applied to the mount. Just have to reduce my rate of fire. Will be a good test for the durability of the Aimpoint! :cannon:
If it is acutally cooling the barrel, just another plus for a well thought out design. Sure makes the GB look good. I keep taking it out of the safe just so I can stare at it!:D
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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