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Hello folks. I find myself googling "this vs that" whenever i am "pre-shopping" for firearms related items or the guns themselves. Eventually i decide.

Does anyobody else do this? Of course you do.

What I do next might be a little different than most. Once I own it, I start comparing MYSELF to ME the last time I shot or used the item in question. Is there a learning curve? Is muscle memory required? Have I changed something? Is my overall accuracy or general level of effectiveness increasing or decreasing? At the end of the session, Have I been frustrated or encouraged by any or all of the above? People love to make comparisons. I get that. I heartily endorse it. I benefit greatly from those who do. I'm just not very good at it myself, when it comes to products like weapons. I', not so sure my results are ever very helpful to others either.

I have data (reloaders love data) that makes me believe my bolt actions are king when it comes to accuracy. No testing side by side with the mini. No remington 581 vs ruger 10/22. No semi auto .308 to even compare (oh to have that M1A.) It just feels to me like the bolt actions rule the accuracy roost around my place. Are they MOA shooters? Sure, the centerfires are. The .22s are more like 2 MOA on a calm day. So what. lol. Seriously..I hunt with these things and they work great.

I must admit, shooting the mini 14 generally stops data collection WAY short of meaningful results when i see reactive targets begging to be blasted rapidly near my paper one. No. I have no restraint after a few semi-auto rounds.

I want to see what a mess i can make of a hedgeapple and the remaining chunks before they stop flying around. I want to see plastic coffee cans jump around. I want to see if i can hit that 12 gauge shell over there. QUICKLY now.

For pure fun, there's just something about a semi-auto. I almost feel like there's a MOA waiver whenever i get to sqeeze a full mag off in a few seconds and just make a 4 or 5 inch sieve of the paper target at 50 yards ...6 or 8 inches will do at 100 with a rate of fire that sounds like the neighbors should stay away and the gun grabbers should turn

The 10/22s are the same way. And they are pretty darned accurate too, as far as i have taken them to prove it. Squirrel head at 50 yards should be no problem at all, but who shoots a squirrel at 50 yards anyway? I can't even tell it's a squirrel until i get inside 30 with these old eyes and the scope is absolutely required for accuracy anyway, for me.

Yep, i love my bolt actions. I always will. But I am a recent near-convert to semi-auto carbines. I am a recent recipient of a gift of Smith and wesson M&P 40. If that won't make you love shooting things in a row real fast, you are not supposed to shoot firearms for fun.

For no particular reason, and to make no particular point. I like my guns. Hope you are enjoying yours.

God Bless!


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+10000, shooting the mini is just fun! I have to make myself grab a bolt gun! I have some average bolt guns that shoot great with handloads but there is something about the light carbine action I can't put down!
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