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This summers score!!

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:sniper: So far, Mini 14-103, Gophers-0.
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No great feat. Here in montana if ya pull the triger a gopher will drop some where.
Through this site I have my mini shooting consistantly under 1.5 inches with cheep ammo, I need to try some better loads. Triger job, Beded, muzel break,recoil bushing and a 4.5-14 power scope all for under $125. We sit on a hill and shoot all day or as long as the ammo lasts. I don't think we have ever come close to thining the populations out, They are every where. Come on up, The Ranchers are happy to have free rodent removal as long as you respect their property.
Now that I hear squirls are able to fight back I might give that a try. A bit more sporting!!!
Nothing like a .223 HP vaccination to cure those vermin. ;)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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