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Thermolds and Scherers

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Hi All,
I'm getting out of the mini-14 thing and as a result I have posted all of my mini stuff up on Gunbroker. Up for auction is:
(3) 30-round thermolds item#8915753
(2) 30 round SS scherers item#8915069
and of course my stainless Ranch Rifle. item #8915060
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AZ Sherman,
The thermolds are in excellent shape. I purchased them new about 6 mos ago and have used them very little.
You Bet. I'll keep you posted.
The thermolds have sold. I still have the (2) Stainless steel 30round scherers and a pair of triple K's
All the mags have sold. Still have the rifle if anyone is interested:
Mini-14 Stainlesss ranch, exc. condition.
Muzzle brake
Uncle Mikes SS QD swivel bases
Blued steel scope rings
Williams WGRS target peep sight
Trapper spring kit
Glass bedded with ACRAglas Gel
Original sights, springs, and owners manual included
5-round factory and 30 round (Triple K?) mag included
Buyer to pay shipping.
[email protected]
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seem to have forgotten the most important part: $400.00 plus shipping
1 - 6 of 8 Posts
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