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There's nothing like a 10/22 Ruger fer squirrel

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I have yet so find a beeter gun tahn a ruger 10/22 topped with good optics for picking the litttle buggers out of the tree tops. Where I live, the squirrels outnimber the mosquitoes some seasons and it isn't unusual to limit out every day out. (would be nice if the Mississippi Greys was big as Ilinois Fox though, good eating those reds') I can pick a chigger off a gnat with the one I have. A wide akge scope is a definate advantage in the tree tops. My favorite hunting methode is sitting back in an oak grove , hilltop and bringing a few refreshments along to make the day more enjoyable. Camo isn't a must but it helps. I'm trying to raise a ratt terrier pup riht now, maybe a future hunting buddy. Wuth a gun likr the accurate 10/22 he'll get plenty of squirreltails to practice wth this fall. have a good one.
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Mixedgame and Caj. I'm glad someone has plenty of critters to shoot. Caj. has those giant muskrats to keep him busy. Mixedgame I'm glad to hear you shoot squirrels with a 22, most folks up here blow'em to pieces with a shotgun! I've had to lower my standards to blackbirds in the backyard! I use CB longs there nice and quiet but you have to cycle the action by hand. I picked up another trigger assy. from Gun Parts Corp. and reworked it down to about a 1lb. pull, it won't work for a semi auto (hammer follow through) but works fine for a staight pull. I put a cheap BSA 4x16 Contender scope on it. The limiting factor is the CB Caps because their velocity varies so much it makes them inaccurate. Still at 20 yards off a rest (BBQ Grill) the blackbirds and starlings are history, keeps the stray cats around here busy eatin the remains.;)
caj. if you run across the link please do post it. I've had alot better accuracy with the CB Caps than the Colibris. I'm kinda in town. I have about 250yds. out back mostly a farmers bean field. I have about a 45 min. drive to bust Woodchuck's out in farmland.
caj. Thats ok. The accuracy with the CB caps is as good as I'll probably get without going with a new barrel or bolt action. As it stands the blackbirds have a 2 out of 5 chance of survival. I think I'll get a cheap pistol grip stock for the 10-22. I think I've been shootin so many pistol gripped long guns lately that a regular stock feels strange and might help on my end. I shot my little Henry pump 22 with a straight wrist stock the other day and could'nt believe how strange it felt. I guess I'm so used to shooting my 9mm AR and handguns at the indoor range over the winter that anything without a pistol grip feels strange. The CB caps are a little to loud for pistol use though. I tried a few in my MKII. They were accurate enough but seemed almost as loud as regular LR because of barrel length I guess. I've been on vacation this week and have been try'in to get my new DPMS 308 LR out to stretch it legs. I've got 6 boxes of Fed. 168 M. and a Bushnell 10X40 MIL DOT mounted. The only thing it needs is a good match trigger group. That about wiped out my tax refund. I talked to the fella that lets me pop chuck's on his farm and he said it's muddy and under water where I shoot so I'll hold off a few days. Should be able to get off some 5-600yd. shots off at chuck's on his farm he's seen plenty this spring.:)
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