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There's nothing like a 10/22 Ruger fer squirrel

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I have yet so find a beeter gun tahn a ruger 10/22 topped with good optics for picking the litttle buggers out of the tree tops. Where I live, the squirrels outnimber the mosquitoes some seasons and it isn't unusual to limit out every day out. (would be nice if the Mississippi Greys was big as Ilinois Fox though, good eating those reds') I can pick a chigger off a gnat with the one I have. A wide akge scope is a definate advantage in the tree tops. My favorite hunting methode is sitting back in an oak grove , hilltop and bringing a few refreshments along to make the day more enjoyable. Camo isn't a must but it helps. I'm trying to raise a ratt terrier pup riht now, maybe a future hunting buddy. Wuth a gun likr the accurate 10/22 he'll get plenty of squirreltails to practice wth this fall. have a good one.
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Glad to meet you cajungeo,
I have an older bushnell that my dad gave me back in 85'. it is a 3x9x40 wide angle I think, it has most of the writing buffed off from use. I could be wrong on the 40, but that what it seems to be. I like the scope because it zooms just about right for those high tree top greys....When they hide, you need to look close. I've shot them out when all I coud see was the top of their head above the branch. Great little combo.:D
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