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Theoretical question: converting AR-15 mags to mini-14?

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Hey guys...long time lurker, first time poster. I'm waiting to see if I won my online auction for a Mini-14 RR, and was pondering the magazine question. A few threads back, someone mentioned a 'do-it-all' magazine that worked in both the AR-15 and mini-14. As would be expected, this after-market magazine was a pile-of-you-know-what, but it got me thinking - how hard would it be to convert AR-15 mags to fit the mini-14 magwell? Would it be something simple like grinding down the side-latch on the AR-15 mag and adding a plate on the back so the mini could latch on to it?

Anybody ever try this? Like the title says, it's just a theoretical question - I'm okay with buying a few PMI/Thermolds and calling it good, but how hard would it really be to modify the AR-15 mag to function in a mini-14?
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Originally posted by cajungeo
Welcome to the forum Vorticity. I believe the AR mags are a different shape. Check out this thread.
Hey cajungeo and all...thanks for the replies. Sorry about the duplicate thread! My original search was for AR-15 and mini-14 _conversion_, and I guess I forgot the 'mag' part. :) Thanks for the I said, I don't plan on doing this, because it looks like it's just not worth it.

Thanks again!
Good point, Davey - of course, any modification to a magazine is attempted at the peril of the modifier, as even legal modifications can get the feds interested in you. Given my lack of tools/workspace and the wide availability of preban mags, I agree that the modification just isn't worth it, especially since you'd have to keep the mag functional in an AR-15 to be legal. The gist of the question was more of a query of how the magazines lock up in the different rifles - I asked because I don't own an AR-15 (or any AR-15 type magazines) so I can't compare myself, and thought maybe some board members would know.

Thanks for the good replies - it looks like converting mags is a lot more trouble than it's worth. Saving $20/magazine isn't worth going to jail for, no-siree. :)
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