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Theoretical question: converting AR-15 mags to mini-14?

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Hey guys...long time lurker, first time poster. I'm waiting to see if I won my online auction for a Mini-14 RR, and was pondering the magazine question. A few threads back, someone mentioned a 'do-it-all' magazine that worked in both the AR-15 and mini-14. As would be expected, this after-market magazine was a pile-of-you-know-what, but it got me thinking - how hard would it be to convert AR-15 mags to fit the mini-14 magwell? Would it be something simple like grinding down the side-latch on the AR-15 mag and adding a plate on the back so the mini could latch on to it?

Anybody ever try this? Like the title says, it's just a theoretical question - I'm okay with buying a few PMI/Thermolds and calling it good, but how hard would it really be to modify the AR-15 mag to function in a mini-14?
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Probably not worth it. There are good hi caps still available for the mini14. Better idea would be converting them for the mini 30 as good quality hi caps for it are very rare.
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