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The TruGlo Red Dot Sight

I have a drawer full of red dot sights that I purchased with great expectations and high hopes. Many just because of the high tech appearance that it gave my rifle. However, one right after the other, I was disappointed that I couldn’t sight them in, how recoil vibration quickly loosened the mount, and I couldn’t see the dot during the day. And as I am one to save the box, this is my ‘go to’ drawer for my gun friends in need of a Christmas gift. (Sorry guys. I had good intentions …)

So far I have a completely different opinion of the TruGlo Red Dot Sight. Inexpensive, I mounted this on my son’s Sig Sauer 522 chambered in .22 LR. Sighting took just a couple of dozen rounds and I probably spent more time on this than I should have due to my previous experience with other brands. Credit for my good experience in sighting the TruGlo Red Dot Sight has to go to the manufacturing expertise of both Sig Sauer and TruGlo.

There is no argument that the .22LR is a low recoil round, so vibration on the weaver style mounting was not an issue. The mounting remained tight, unmoved and on target. Not a real challenge for a careful shooter like myself. A significant result when considering my son who sees it as his mission in life to understand everything Dad does and improve on it.

Having said that, I have not tested the TruGlo Red Dot Sight on heavier calibers and online reviews for ARs or AKs may produce is different experience. So my positive comments are reserved for the .22LR. (I guess I know what I am going to do the next time I go to the range).

The brightness of the multi-reticles is outstanding! In full daylight the holographic sight is bright and clear. I like the dual red/green color option as well as the multiple sight picture options. I see no online argument here. The window is 24x34mm for a wide view and fast target acquisition. There is an anti-reflection coating on the target side as well as windage and elevation adjustments.

TruGlo offers a lifetime guarantee but will ask you to pay for shipping to their repair facility.

A good sight for the money. Just remember my caveat about using with low calibers.
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