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* First....I'm perfectly aware that an HK is Not an FAL.;)
Somebody here suggested putting the video in this forum. The only point is to try to help any new owners of these or the Century CETME rifles.

Apparently very few or no HK-91/PTR-91 owners read Perfectunion ?

It's the simplest technique I've seen :), and used it twice since my nib PTR arrived less than two weeks ago. Ganz einfach und schnell.
A thin rubber jar lid "gripper" also helps (I cheated).

The guy retired as SMSGT in the Luftwaffe.(y) Many viewers thanked him for creating this video. The Luftwaffe loaned him a G3 for this.

Their Bundeswehr (army) did it the same way ( no tools allowed!), as did the Norwegians, Portuguese and so many others.
Some of these foreign, former service members posted comments - underneath the Youtube video - verifying this.

* However, I learned from a few comments elsewhere.....that if a Bolt Locking Lever has an extra strength spring, bolts apparently can be almost impossible to twist/rotate - Without using a tool. My nib, brand-new PTR isn't bad at all, especially with the thin rubber "gripper" used on Jar Lids.

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